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Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns performance review

“Google Shopping, formerly Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle, is a Google service invented by Craig Nevill-Manning which allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. Originally, the service listed prices submitted by merchants, and was monetized through AdWords advertising like other Google services. 

However, in May 2012, Google announced that the service (which was also immediately renamed Google Shopping) would shift in late-2012 to a paid model where merchants would have to pay the company in order to list their products on the service” (Source: Wikipedia)

Google PLAs are CPC (cost per click) ads that are used by online retailers to promote their products on Google Search and Google Shopping. One can setup PLAs through the Google AdWords interface, or lately through Google AdWords editor desktop application. 

The importance of Product Listing Ads on the total revenue of online retailers is growing every quarter for the last 4 years as indicated by both the Merckle Digital Quarterly report and analysis of the revenue share of PLA campaigns. The reason is that these campaigns deliver great ROI for the advertisers and thus increasingly advertisers put more money on this type of campaigns.

Campaign structure

All PPC professionals know that optimising an account that is not well structured takes more time and delivers inferior ROI. Given the complexity of Google AdWords, that is further perplexed by the addition of Shopping campaigns, we usually see campaign structures with just 1 campaign or 1 targeting group.

What is Google Shopping?

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What is Google Product Listing Ads?

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Negative keywords

On Google AdWords Shopping campaigns you cannot use (positive) keywords. But you can use negative keywords and they are an important part of a well structured account. Negative keywords help you reduce wasted ad spend and potential increase CTR.

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Remarketing lists for Search Ads

RLSA was a game-changer on Search advertising as it allowed us, among other things, to bid differently for different audiences. And this functionality is critical for ROAS optimisation as different audiences have different propensity to buy.

Device bid modifiers

Although we were told that 20XX was the “year of mobile” for quite some years, the reality is that mobile is here and here to stay. We have all seen in the performance of our accounts that user behavior changes on both device category types of mobile (smartphone and tablets) and we should use these insights to better allocate our advertising budget.

Location bid modifiers

If you have reached this far, you know that PPC optimisation is about segmenting and allocating your budget on where it makes the most sense. One significant dimension of segmentation is location because different locations have different ROAS due to either consumer demand or business competition that affects CPCs.

Bidding strategy

Reviewing and setting the correct bids is one of the main tasks of a PPC manager and your bidding strategy has a big impact on the ROI from your campaigns. We now have different ways to bid and selecting the right one for your Shopping Campaigns is crucial.

Impression Share (& overbidding)

As we say, you do not control your account spend with budget but with bids; budgets are merely safety caps. The thing, however, is that we see overbidding patterns on most accounts. If you just fix this (which is actually a quick fix), you get improved results from the next day.

Conversion tracking

As they say “what gets measured, gets managed” and if you are not measuring conversions and revenue you cannot really manage your Google Shopping Campaigns. Check to see if conversion (and revenue) tracking works in your account.

% of account spend

On the latest “Digital Quarterly Report” by the big US agency Merckle, we see that sophisticated advertisers invest 75% of their search, non-brand budget on Product Listing Ads. But most advertisers invest way lower due to Shopping campaigns not being fully optimised. See how your account scores.

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Safe & secure: We will never share your AdWords data for any reason

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Safe & secure: We will never share your AdWords data for any reason

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